Lobbying and Strategic Advocacy

Imagine that you trying to fix legislation that was poorly constructed and has unleashed unintended consequences. Or that a local agency wants to take part of your property in an inverse condemnation action. What if the government designs a tax to raise revenue and that tax unfairly falls on your shoulders?

We can help.

At Grant | Shenon, our advocacy efforts are led with confidence and experience. We start with a comprehensive strategy designed around the goal that you wish to achieve. We build coalitions and mobilize connections to give clients the ability to be heard, identifying, and focusing on the proper subjects within government. Successful lobbying and advocacy require strong ethics and just the right connections to deliver success. We enjoy the challenges in advising clients at the intersection of law, business, and government.

We provide the very highest level of assistance to high-net-worth individuals and a wide array of private and public entities to help them achieve their business objectives. This area of law is one that we are very comfortable in. We have relied on a series of winning practices that are highly effective, a strategic best practice so to speak. With the return of face-to-face meetings, we are transitioning from Zoom-based, remote meetings, to traditional meetings, where our relationships and personal touch can be more effective.

Connecting governmental entities and businesses that are in need of specialized services to resolve problems can be a challenging proposition. Businesses, individuals, associations, and municipalities frequently face issues that require assistance from outside professionals and vendors. It takes a skilled well-connected lobbyist to break through the noise and create an impactful voice for our clients to successfully obtain an audience with these entities.

Grant | Shenon attorneys are on hand to represent your interests in rulemaking processes, legislative and administrative hearings, or to protect government contracts and funding agreements. We have ample experience in monitoring important policy issues, developing partnerships, and counseling government affairs. Business leaders in heavily regulated areas, such as financial services, health care, defense, and energy, have come to count on our attorneys for prudent counsel.

With over 30-years of unparalleled experience as a community and civic leader servicing a myriad of non-profit, community, philanthropic, healthcare, government boards and commission at various levels and infrastructure boards, our veteran attorney Lee Kanon Alpert offers great results. Lee leads this area of the firm’s practice, which has the unparalleled expertise needed to deliver results.

The areas in which we assist clients include, but are not limited to:

• Aviation/Transportation
• Cable Telecommunication
• Environmental regulation
• Government contracting and procurements
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing
• Public works
• Real estate and project development
• Renewable Energy/Water

The regulatory environment has become increasingly arduous for business owners. Local, state, and federal agencies seem to add new regulations on a regular basis. The attorneys at Grant | Shenon can be counted on to anticipate, comprehend, and react to new legislation and regulations. If you are in a situation where you need information about an issue that concerns you, or you need an advocate or lobbyist, please contact us and we would be happy to meet and confer on what we might be able to do to help you achieve your important goals.