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Over the years of working with Adam Grant on several personal legal issues as well as for my business, I can confidently say that he shows the highest degree of integrity, a great detailed examination of the issues and the most professional response and application of the law! He really knows what he’s doing. When dealing with Adam, I always have his full attention and focus. He not only shows that he cares, but his level of empathy and understanding are more like he’s a “partner” in the issue at hand. Smart, caring and aggressive when needed, I put my full trust in his advice and directions. I highly recommend Adam because he is knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy!

Allan E. Los Angeles, CA

The corporation I work for has utilized Natela Shenon’s services on many occasions. As a publicly held company, we often have need of a legal opinion and assistance in matters relating to corporate governance and share transactions. Natela Shenon is a reliable and easily reachable source of good advice and solid legal documentation. When every move needs to meet the approval of multiple regulatory agencies, it’s a relief to be able to count on her for correct information and to know that when she took us as a client she made it her goal to protect our shareholders’ interests.

Dawn G. Los Angeles, CA

I just had a phone call with Mr. Grant and I was very impressed with how patient and thorough he was in reviewing my case and providing me with his expert opinion on the routes I can take. He was also 100% transparent about fees and broke down legal terms/processes in a way that I could easily understand as a layman with no legal background whatsoever. Mr. Grant also clearly cares about the best interests of his clients (and potential clients) and was honest about my odds of settling the dispute myself in small claims court. He was overall very pleasant and friendly and I would without hesitation recommend him to other friends and family members.

Tiffany T. Los Angeles, CA

Wow – I’ve used online legal services as well as other law firms in the past and have never received the quality of service that I received from Natela Shenon. I used her services to create an LLC and the team went above and beyond in answering my questions and ultimately completing the work in a timely fashion. Excited to partner with them for more projects in the future.

Cam T. Los Angeles, CA

I had a fairly technical real estate issue that required a well experienced attorney. I contacted Adam Grant and had a very in-depth discuss with him about my issues/potential options. It was unfortunate that nothing good came out of my potential case due to my own prior mis-calculations. However, I sincerely appreciated Adams truth and transparency. I have had many previous attorneys in other cases that used such an opportunity to string me along – with the goal of collecting as much service ($$) as humanly possible before telling me the low probability of a positive outcome. So kudos to you Adam for your honesty, professionalism and overall expertise in the field!

Cedric W. Los Angeles, CA

I spoke with David about an unfortunate situation with my business. He gave me very solid advice, talked me through all the potential scenarios/options in a clear and easy to understand way, and didn’t rush me at all. He really took the time to assess all the issues, and in the end gave me very solid advice. I will hopefully be reaching out shortly to finalize a contract to resolve my situation, all thanks to this conversation with David. Highly recommend.

Angie J. Los Angeles, CA

Covid restrictions derailed our wedding plans this year but our venue wouldn’t give us our deposit back.

After the wedding venue suddenly went no response on us, we reached out to Natela Shenon and she did a great job walking us through all of our options (even the free ones that didn’t involve paying the company). We did hire her, and she did a fantastic job getting us our money back quickly. We felt well represented and taken care of the entire time. Stephen, Natela and Jennifer were all so quick with their communication. It was incredibly freeing to know that they were there handling everything, and they were very good about preventing any avoidable costs.

I can 100% say, we wouldn’t have gotten our money back without them, and we’re so grateful we can move on with our lives!

Nomes L. Los Angeles, CA

There are few times I have left a review, but Adam Grant is worth describing to the fullest extent. I have been in business for over 44 years with extensive necessity for legal advice for business, litigation and real estate transactional law.

Being impressed with Adam and his firm would be the greatest understatement. Many attorneys are renowned for lacking in follow up, returning calls promptly and listening to the clients full needs and desires, Yet Adam has always been there with the greatest advice and constantly “on the ball”.

I couldn’t possibly refer you to a better attorney….EVER!!!

Eli L. Los Angeles, CA

Natela Shenon is a fantastic lawyer. I was in a very difficult business situation and not only did she handle it with care she quided our entire team through what could have been a very bad situation. Natela looks after all of her clients and as a mediator she has the expertise to help parties reach an amicable resolution. I am so thankful for Natela’s work and guidance and I look forward to working with her again in the future. If you are seeking a a solid lawyer who will help you with all your legal woes, reach out to Natela, you won’t regret it!

Geri B. Los Angeles, CA

Having worked with Adam Grant over the years on both personal and business legal issues, I have found him to be extremely thoughtful and considerate regarding his approach to representing his clients. He is professional, thorough, a great communicator and tenacious as all hell when necessary. He has guided me through some of the worst times in my professional life to successful outcomes and has also dealt with personal issues with the care and consideration that one would give a friend or a family member. Adam is a person of great integrity and I cannot recommend him more highly.

Pam E. Los Angeles, CA

I was able to work with Natela on a big contract with an influencer for my online coaching business. She was extremely diligent, timely, and thorough. It was a pretty complex deal, but she walked me through each and every step. Can’t wait to work with her and the team there again. Highly recommend.

Eric J. Los Angeles, CA

I called and was expecting to get a receptionist but call was directly answered by attorney Adam Grant. I asked him if I could set up a consultation and he was available right then to my surprise. I explained to him the situation I’m going through trying to sell my home and what needs to be disclosed in regards to unpermitted structures, and some personal problems with neighbors without deterring the buyer but ensuring nothing can come back legally on my husband or I. Adam’s advice was great and honest and I really appreciated his time. If I end up needing a Real Estate Attorney down the road I will be contacting Adam again.

Megan A. Santa Clarita, CA

I feel blessed to have found Natela.

While seeking legal advice for a time sensitive matter, Natela approached my situation with careful diligence. With her guidance, I was able to negotiate the best possible terms during contract negotiations for my new position.

I highly recommend Natela for anyone who is in need of an attorney that’s focused on the success of your interests.

Matthew P. Los Angeles, CA

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